29 June 2014

Laughter, Happiness, and a Long Life

Sunflowers are rightly named, don't you think?

Today I'm thinking of a woman I know who, if I remember it right, is turning 101, and every time I've been around her, she has been sunshine personified.  

I've thought of her more often lately than she may imagine.  I think of her when I'm feeling discouraged sometimes, and I try to do what I think she might do to become undiscouraged, which usually leads me to take myself a bit less seriously and move on with life looking at things from a larger perspective.

I'm told she'll often wake herself up in the middle of the night, because she's laughing out loud in her sleep without realizing it.  She laughs quite a lot during the day, too.

She makes me think there must be something more to a happy life than circumstances, more to greeting the day with a smile than whether or not everything is just how you'd like it to be.

Because you simply can't live 101 years without facing griefs, trials, worries, and cares.

Yet she's happy anyway, and every time I think of her, I get a little happier too.

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