17 February 2013

Climbing the Butte

On Sabbath, we once again inspected the Butte trail, to see if the hike would be easier-looking than it was a few days before.  Sure enough, a chinook had done its work, and it was easier-looking.

If by easier, you mean *possible*, then it was definitely easier.  If by easier, you mean *staying home and not sliding around on snow and ice a lot*, it was definitely not easier.

But it was beautiful.  Even fun, according to my mother-in-law.  It for sure took a village to get me to the top.  Husband, cousin, father-in-law, brother-in-law, trees all contributing to my journey up and down in ways that made it, well, possible for me.  The little things loaned by sister-in-law were great, too.  As were the fellowship, the exercise, the view, and the ability to say, "I did it!"  With lots of help.

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  1. Which is more fabulous -- the photos or knowing you got to climb the butte??? I CAN'T DECIDE!! But I'm loving all of it!! :)


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