24 September 2014

When it Rains

The streets here are designed to handle a good storm.  Little ditches everywhere direct the water exactly where it needs to go, so that it drains into a canal that has depth to hold a lot more water than usual.

Of course when the flash flood warning hit, we made sure to go out in it to see how bad it would really get.  The car made a few interesting noises, but otherwise enjoyed the adventure as much as we did.

None of the peppers in their pots were actually floating away, so we weren't to worried about them.  But that floating idea sounded like fun, so we decided our inner tubes were a better vehicle for the streets that day than our car.

The neighborhood children were all out on their bikes, a few parents were out taking photos, and there we were.  Mature, educated adults, wading down the river-street to where it was just deep enough to go floating.

Which was great fun, by the way.  Never waste a good flash flood warning, you know.


  1. Did you really go floating down the street on your inner tubes? That sounds so delightful! This summer we bought inner tubes and went down the Shenandoah River (a small stretch) and it was just so much fun! I'm wondering if I can use the tubes to slide in the snow! I will try that, although I just bought another sled for the boys (last year I spent a small fortune on them at Dick's, so this year I got a good bargain at Costco. And I'm just feeling a bit guilty about complaining about the cold in my latest post when you're probably longing for some Fall/Winter weather... sigh...

  2. Send a little of that of that wet stuff north! :) We head outdoors when it rains too, as long as there's no lightning.

    1. If only it were as easy as sending some north to you!! I hope you get some rain soon. :)


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