10 September 2014

Customer Service

Dear Sibelius Support Techs,

Thanks to you both, from the bottom of my heart, for spending nearly an hour each on my problem yesterday.  I know it's your job, and you probably get paid by the hour, but still.  Thanks. 

You didn't have to be nice about it, but you were.  It didn't turn out to be an easy fix, and I'm sure you could have chosen to be frustrated instead.

Thanks for trying everything until it worked.  Thanks, first guy, for trying to call back when we got cut off.  Thanks, second guy, for picking up seamlessly from where the first guy left off, and carrying it through to completion.

When my husband came home?  And found out you were at that very moment putting the finishing touches on his most beloved and necessary specialized computer program?  And he realized he'd be able to use it again right away?

He was overwhelmed by a flood of relief.

I know I said thanks on the phone, but since we all call you when we're already frustrated, maybe you don't hear it often enough.  I just wanted you to know, on the day after when everything is working well and we're up and running again, I haven't forgotten.  

I'm still grateful for everything you've done.

That Lady who Took up a Ton of Your Time Yesterday

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