25 March 2014

Basil Harvest

Today we harvested basil.  But so much more than basil.

We recently opened the front door to find a package on the porch.  Who doesn't love a package?  Especially from a brother way up north who has a knack for knowing just the things you love and manages to wrap those things up in boxes and mail them.  (Did I mention the package of garden produce he sent us in the fall?  Produce he harvested from those plants we carried across from Virginia?)

This time, the whole box was full of pine nuts.  Yes, pine nuts!

He knew good and well we weren't spending a fortune on them.  We may have mentioned it once or twice or every time we talked about the basil growing in the back yard last summer.

Have you seen the price of pine nuts recently!?  More than double what they used to be!  Crazy.  We used to use them in pesto, but now we have another recipe that's pretty good, so we use that instead.

Thus when we opened the box to find it full of pine nuts, we felt appropriately spoiled rotten.  He had listened.  He had remembered.  He had invested.  He had heard about our new plants, and wanted our first basil harvests turned pesto to be something beyond an everyday treat.

That treat will be tomorrow, and we can't wait.  Thanks, Brother!


  1. awwwww!!!! That was the best!!

  2. The way you tell it here makes it sounds like I was engaging in a self-less act of love; you should know that I enjoy sending packages as much, if not more, than you enjoy getting them! Sending you all that produce was almost too much fun :)

    In any event I really enjoyed this post. It was very sweet of you to write about it and share the joy.

    P.S. I'm just practicing spoiling you guys so I'll be ready for my duties as an uncle :)


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