01 March 2014

A Squirrel's Sabbath Breakfast

I wander in the yard each morning, admiring the garden.   The volunteer sunflowers are blooming well above my head, getting tangled in the tree branches.  Three pretty blossoms to brighten my Sabbath morning.

From the breakfast table, I glanced out the window.  Sure enough, something had moved on the branch near the sunflowers.  A squirrel!  I wonder if he was the same one who yelled at me the other day while I tended the okra starts in the corner.

But what is that in his paws?  He's eating one of my sunflowers!  His breakfast is more exotic than mine, for sure.  The little rascal!  He'll probably be back to gather more blooms for another meal.


  1. Oh, boy, I had no idea squirrels ate sunflowers! Little rascal indeed! and I LOVE the beautiful oranges in the background, is that in your neighbor's backyard? How cool!

  2. My eyes first noticed the oranges in the background. I'd love to eat one of those for my breakfast. Squirrels like sunflowerseeds, so I guess they might like sunflowers too. I'm glad he wasn't after you okra starts.

  3. Haha, guess our furry friends don't always understand what we want saved for beauty :).


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