23 October 2012

We Took a Trip

On our trip, we harvested our own garden.  Have you ever heard of taking a long trip to harvest your own garden?  I hadn't either.  But I was oh-so-thankful it was there to welcome me, with all its unexpected, giant herbs.

On our trip, we walked with friends.  It was Sabbath, after we had worshiped with friends.  It was glorious, it was soul-refreshing.
On our trip, we soaked in the rays of sun, leaning against a wall, petting a cat and a dog (one on either side). We prayed with friends, we talked with friends, we ate with friends, we read morning worship with friends.  Sometimes these friend-visits lasted late into the night, everyone remembering how far the distance between us, and longing for that even-farther trip to heaven, where we'll never part again.

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