07 June 2012

We're Sorry Your Arm is Broken

In honor of someone we love who recently broke her arm,
I thought I would share the sympathy I received when I broke my arm. 
The first time, anyway.  I was six. 
This is one of my treasured childhood possessions.
{Click a picture to see a larger image.}

 My brother's class at school took it upon themselves to make me a book,
from whence these photos come.  I smile to myself, picturing the adults these children have become, and their innocent and heartfelt expressions of sympathy.

 If I had found it, I would also have included a photo of myself, triumphant with my very hard and brilliantly pink cast.  Or the numerous stickers from the doctor that filled my little sticker book.
"This is a chocolate chip cookie," he declairs, as if certain I will not otherwise know.  Next page over, they have me dreaming of ice cream.
In actuality, what I most desired {and delightedly received} was cinnamon toast.
But the blueberry pie in the hospital wasn't bad either.

{Sorry for the duplicate.  I'm having no success deleting one.}

 In these cases, the picture must be worth a thousand--
or at least the few they would have written--words.

And finally the teacher, who like my grandmother, wrote with pictures.  Which I loved, and still love.

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  1. What a wonderful, beautiful gift to have received, Heidi! I am sure it did much to cheer your day. The little cards and letters I have received from family and friends are among my most loved possessions.


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