11 June 2012

Parenting, Napoleon, Beethoven, and Exams

I'm studying for comprehensive exams (comps)--Beethoven, his third symphony, and also therefore Napoleon.  So my ears perked up a bit when we read about Napoleon for worship last night.  Worship?! you say.  Yes, at worship.  He just happened to be mentioned on the right day, I guess.  I think you'll see why.

"The character of Napoleon Bonaparte was greatly influenced by his training in childhood.  Unwise instructors inspired him with a love for conquest, forming mimic armies and placing him at their head as commander.  Here was laid the foundation for his career of strife and bloodshed.  Had the same care and effort been directed to making him a good man, imbuing his young heart with the spirit of the Gospel, how widely different might have been his history."
Signs of the Times, October 11, 1910.

And how widely different might have been the history of Europe itself.

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