07 February 2012

I Like Life, Life Likes Me

You're thinking we must really love pancakes to make that many all at once. Well, we do. But I especially love not wasting food, so when the recipe said 2 tablespoons baking powder when it should have said 2 teaspoons baking powder, I had to take some drastic measures. Especially when I had decided to make a double batch so that there would be leftovers.

The two batches turned into six batches, and you would be amazed at how much better they tasted as six batches instead of two. Yes, I penciled in the correction for next time!

You know what else I love? YouTube. You might not think I'm a YouTube kind of girl, but I have discovered something. I can stay home while the bread bakes (another thing I love, but that I didn't do today) and do my listening/watching music homework on YouTube instead of spending that two hours in the library.

I also love the Naxos Music Library my school subscribes to. Another way to study at home instead of going back to school for a late evening.

But do you know what I don't love? Listening to freely atonal music. Watching ballet. Listening to twelve-tone music.

Will it be totally crazy, then, if I say I love analyzing freely atonal and twelve-tone music? Or the music that goes to the ballet? It's so wonderfully full of math, REALLY creative compositional technique (get out your scissors and glue...literally), and the catchy spark of imagination.

I love reading Henry Cowell, and imagining his new system of notation that would include a new-fangled "two-elevenths" notes. I love to imagine getting good enough to pick out the overtone series expressed rhythmically instead of harmonically through the multiple voices of a piece of music.

Is there anything better?

Well, yes. There's my husband, and the flowers he brought me a few days ago, the dishes he keeps washing when I don't want to, the music he writes, the total thoroughness with which he does all his work.

And of course, there's also my Savior, who forgives my stumblings (including my intentional ones), gives victory over thoughts the devil would love to have me dwell on, and pleads my case before His Father's throne--pleads with His own blood.


  1. That was a fun read, Heidi! I really resonate with your last paragraph.

    It's so neat how cooking disasters can be avoided, isn't it?

  2. Ha! My first impression when I saw the plate of pancakes was, "That's not even first servings for our family." Two tablespoons of baking powder is what our recipe calls for, and that's no mistake. ;-)

    Between pancakes, music, and flowers from your husband, it sounds like you've had many reasons to praise the Lord. And the work of his salvation is a constant joy.


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