14 February 2012

Valentine's Day in the Lunch Room

For the last couple of days, talk in the lunch room has tentatively circled around the big Valentine's day--who's single, who's not, who hates the day single or not, who spends inordinate amounts of time making Valentine's cards for a sweetheart regardless of hate for the day....

"I've been alone for almost all the Valentine's days in my entire life," one friend lamented.

"Yeah, me too," I said.

Which is a true statement. Before the Valentine's day in 2009, I did spend them all by myself. Counting today, three out of twenty-eight with a sweetheart still leaves almost all of them without one.

I'm glad they laughed. It might have been a bit cheeky to say that with my husband sitting right next to me, committed to being my Valentine for life and celebrating with me come Thursday, but I did mean it to be funny.

And I hope they all--and you all--have a wonderful Valentine's day, even if you have your house to yourself to curl up with a favorite book {oh, wait, I mean Studies in Twentieth Century Music homework} like I do.

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