11 October 2011

What to do Without Water

It's fall break, and we're enjoying a slow morning at home. I go to the sink to rinse my hands, mid-breakfast.

"Honey," I say, startled, "we have no water."

My thoughts: Welcome to life in a trailer park. Of course they didn't let us know ahead of time. We need to go to the office, if they're even open, and see what the deal is.

My husband's words: "Let's fix the toilet!"

He's right. It's a GREAT time to fix the toilet. We've been putting it off for weeks, not wanting to go to the trouble of turning our water off (because our toilets don't have their own shut-off valves--I know, not even the guy at Home Depot had heard of toilets without their own shut-off valves before). And now we're handed this opportunity. Don't we live a charmed life?

1 comment:

  1. I would have never thought of that. I wonder how often our problems are really solutions?


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