02 December 2009

A Comforting Figure

My readings have taken me far and wide in the last few days, far beyond the dust of this earth. May I share a few words that gave me a deep sense of peace and comfort in trial?

"Though the Revelation deals largely in figures, it does not deal in fictions. There is reality in all the things described, and we gain an understanding of the reality when we get a correct interpretation of the figures. Thus, in vision we know that the One upon the throne is God. He is really there. We know the Lamb symbolizes Christ. He too is really there." (Uriah Smith, Daniel and the Revelation, 420)

How can I worry or fret, when God is really there?

He is really there....taking care of all my needs, ruling the universe, making sure the plants grow and the planets follow their courses.

He too is really there....Pleading my case before the throne, having paid my debts with His own life blood.

"O infinite merit of the blood of Christ, which can cleanse us from all our pollutions, and make us meet to tread the holy hill of Zion! O infinite grace of God, which can prepare us to endure the glory, and give us boldness to enter into His presence, even with exceeding joy!" (Uriah Smith, Daniel and the Revelation, 422)

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