22 April 2008

Joining the Gratitude Community

Beginning 12 March 2008, I have kept a list of gifts. I'm up to about 45 now, and can no longer keep all these wonderful moments to myself. This idea came to me from Ann at Holy Experience. Feel free to visit her blog and join the gratitude community.
Here are some highlights from my list so far:
5. Violets from a friend's yard
8. Full moon, perfectly framed in my window
9. Harmonica music, played specially for me in my office
15. Stories and articles from my writer friend
17. Paper doll play
19. Antique hat, with box
22. Microwaved CD
23. Carved bowl from Hawaii
31. Tall blooming tree, glowing pink in the morning light
33. Words from my friend: "Go where you understand the language."
34. Children in the back lot: "Would you like to hold our puppy?"
43. Bouquet of lilacs


  1. Oh, yes, a microwaved CD. It's very fun to microwave an old CD for a few seconds--it flashes and burns in quite a burst of glory. (Although it smells very bad when you do it.) I didn't get to watch this one, but once they're done, they have all sorts of interesting cracks and lines in them. I have it sitting on my desk as a "decoration".

  2. I did something very similar on my blog last November. I challenged myself to list a (comparatively) meager list of one hundred and one "little" blessings. I called it my "Dandelion Bouquet," because they were so simple but so lovely.

    I've never heard of a microwaved CD. It does sound interesting, to say the least. I probably shouldn't tell my brothers about it, though... ;)

  3. A Dandelion Bouquet? How lovely! I shall have to visit your archives.


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