10 April 2008

I've always been glad you were born.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. "I've always been glad you were born," I told him, and he laughed.

Here are some things I've learned from him over the years:
  • Baked potatoes, Bush's beans, green salad, and string beans make an excellent breakfast.
  • There are exceptions, but statistics do tell you important things.
  • A little kindness goes a looong way.
  • Some things are worth doing even if Mom is the only one who knows the reason why.
  • Always send people away from your garden with a sack full of produce.
  • Expect a man to open your car door.
  • Stick with your commitments.
  • If you hear people out and treat them well, they'll most often like you even if you have to tell them no sometimes.
  • Be careful with money. Keep track of where it goes, and don't spend it needlessly.
  • Don't cut corners on having good food in the house.
  • Make decisions in view of the long-term possibilities.
  • Pray and study God's word daily.

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