24 January 2008

The Happy Wonder

Every so often, a man stops by my office to play the harmonica. Today, the selections included "The Happy Wonder", which reminded me what a happy wonder it is to live in a small town where someone could not only do that for my office, but also for the court house. (The court house has splendid accoustics, you see.) I always stop what I'm doing to listen.

His harmonica is small, and could therefore seem insignificant. However, he fills the space with significance whenever he plays. He chooses to be a positive, solid thing in the world around him, and his atmosphere brings with it a definite cheer.

It's rather cold outside today, and my harmonica man walks two miles to get here. I told him he could stay in the warmth as long as he wished before heading home.

"I might just take a nap," he said. And, he did.


  1. A gift to you and a gift to him. What a happy wonder. Surely heaven is ringing with rich harmonicas right now.

  2. What a great quote to go with your story! You'll have to take a picture of him, even if you don't post it for us. So are you inspired to take up the harmonica?


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