14 September 2017


I've thought for years I'd like to write a series on happiness.  Or perhaps not on happiness itself, but about a few of the happiest people I've known.  The idea resurfaced tonight as I listened to a lecture about happiness.  (It's a good one, and you can listen to it here.)

In my little collection of happy people, many were widows, most were old.  You'd think those people might be sad or lonely, facing the many losses that accumulate through the decades of a life.  But they weren't (or at least they didn't act like it).  And remembering them, writing about them, seems like an important and pleasant pursuit.

So, stay tuned.


  1. YAY! You're back dear friend! I have often been thinking lately about what makes me happy and how many reasons I have to be happy. I hope not to be a widow, but I sure hope that whatever happens I may be a happy little old lady! (most probably with very colorful dyed hair -- I've already decided that if my hair becomes fully gray/white I will have it very colorful! I warned my sons about this already).

  2. P.S. Delighted to see you're back!


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