03 May 2016

First Garden Papaya

If you want to get technical, the 'possums got the first couple of papayas from our tree.  This time, though, we out-smarted them, picking the fruits a little bit green.  We've cut the first one open this morning, and the verdict is that papayas straight from your own tree are the best papayas.


  1. They look like the best papayas I've ever eaten. Right from your own tree are the best. So glad you have this treat in your own yard.

  2. AWWWW!!! AWESOME! As you may guess, I grew up eating papayas, especially from the backyard. Depending on the variety, the ones from one's own trees may not be as amazing (at least in Brazil we had the more yellow ones, pretty large and not as sweet as the "Hawaiian" small bright orange fruit that we could later buy at the store).


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