20 October 2014

When Earth Looks too Dry

Studying the Sabbath school lesson a couple of weeks ago, these words jumped out at me:

"Our world bombards us with doubt and skepticism; no one is immune. All we can do is pray our way through it, remembering God's faithfulness in the past and trusting Him for our future."  (You can find that week's lesson here.)

Actually, those words didn't jump out at me precisely, because I was studying in Spanish.  Nonetheless, since that was the week full of extra craziness in the U.S. and world news, that day's lesson was particularly encouraging for me.  

Because when it feels like the world is falling apart around me and drying up so much that no life could possibly continue to flourish here, I really can look at what God has done for me before, go to Him in prayer with my concerns, and via the memories and the prayers commit to trusting Him afresh for my future.

You know what I see when I pray that way?

New life springing up in the least expected places.  Courage in my own heart where before there was none before.  Renewed perspective.  Readjusted priorities.

That day in the Sabbath school lesson, we were studying what James says about those who ask in doubt--you know, when he gives us that age-old, beloved promise that God will give wisdom to all who ask in faith without finding fault (see James 1:5, 6) but follows it up by warning us not to doubt the promise.

If we do doubt, he says, we'll just be tossed by every wave in the sea, and on top of that we won't obtain the promise.

And so I renewed my commitment to live in faith instead of doubt, whether the world around me is bleak or bright, looking ahead to that city with foundations where all is life and light.

I know several of you have commented here recently about studying the Sabbath school lesson.  What days or lessons have stood out to you lately?  I'd love to hear about them!

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