22 October 2014

Home-made Applesauce

There's nothing like a few jars steaming on the counter, their lids popping, sealing shut, to make me feel all cozy, homey, and well established.  

I love it when company comes over, and I can pull out a jar of home-made applesauce, and make them feel pampered.  

I love coming to those two perfectly round jars in my collection, the ones my mom gave me, which she had in her collection because they somehow came from her parents.  They are my two favorite jars, hands down.

I love putting in a few hours' hard yet simple work, with a good sermon on in the background, or a delightful husband to talk with while the chore gets done.

I love counting how many jars I've filled so far, and figuring out how many I get to enjoy every month for the next year.

I love washing everything up and getting beyond the mess when I know I'm done.

Maybe God smiled, then, knowing how much I love all these things, when He knew apples would be on sale at the grocery store the same week I would feel especially transplanted in this place where it's October and eighty degrees.  Maybe it was simply His plan to give me rooted feelings, reminding me He's a good Gardener still, ready, able, willing, delighted, not only to give me a home, but also to be my home.

{If you've never made applesauce or done any of your own canning before, applesauce is a great and easy place to start.  I'd recommend simply visiting the Ball Canning web site for recipes, recommended supplies, and more.}


  1. I love to visit friends who pull out homemade applesauce and heat it up for me. I have to say, it really DOES make me feel pampered and special. And besides, it smells so heavenly.

    1. The smell IS wonderful. Nothing like applesauce from the store!

  2. I have to smile because I also have two old canning jars that are my favorites. I can't remember what was in those jars when I received them, but I always think of my friends in Nebraska when I get those jars out.

    1. How fun! It's amazing how many memories can come to life when you see something as simple as a canning jar. :)

  3. How cool! We may have to try to make applesauce next! I really enjoy canning also once I got past the fear of not knowing what I was doing. Lisa :O)


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