27 May 2014

One Plant Standing Tall: On Perseverance in the Garden

I couldn't begin to tell you how many amaranth varieties and seeds we've started this spring, only to watch them get eaten by some mysterious pest, or simply not grow to their expected height of glory.  

Except this one.  Yes, only one is really standing tall, growing the way it should.  But this one is well above knee high now, and although it isn't budding yet, it's a healthy beauty.  We're loving the maroon tones on the leaves, and its graceful new growth at the tips.

This one lone plant promises to be worth all the starting and re-starting.  Of course we would've loved seeing ten or fifteen plants looking like this, but this one is occupying its space with decided charm, adding its loveliness to the entire garden scene.  

Which reminds me of something my dad told me once:  Never underestimate the influence one person can have.  

So persevere. In excellence, in high moral standards, in doing the right thing, in working hard, even when you feel like you're the only one.  You never know how the graces of your beautiful strong character will bless those who behold your blossoming life.

And if you're the gardeners?  You need perseverance, too, just like the plants do.  Keep feeding that garden soil.  Get as much compost as you can.  The more you feed the soil, the more it will feed the plants.  The healthier your plants, the better they'll be at resisting the pests.  Care for the plants you have, even if not very many seem to be doing as well as you'd like.  Meanwhile, keep planning for the needs of the next crop as well.

Then try again.  Plant another crop of amaranths during that delightful thing we in South Texas call the fall garden season, and watch for an improved showing.  Perhaps in the fall, there will be an abundant new generation of all things amaranth.


  1. I'm praying that my influence will stand tall, even though it feels like it is failing. Thank you for reminding me to persevere.

  2. I like the colorful circles in your header. They make me smile.


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