17 April 2014

Twelve Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health Seminar

Over the last several days, I've been watching a health lecture--and taking copious notes--while I eat breakfast.  While I don't regularly share reading lists and videos here, and although I've only watched one full one and part of another so far in the series, I'm learning such amazing things that I have to let you know about them, too.

What?  A seminar called Twelve Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health.  It runs for twelve weeks, and this is week five.

Who?  Presented by Dr. Youngberg, of the Youngberg Clinic, Lifestyle and Nutritional Medicine for the Whole Family.

Where?  Although the lectures are live in California, they are being streamed on the internet.  (Yay!  That means I can watch them from Texas.)

When?  The lectures take place on Monday evenings, and the videos are available free for one week each.

How?  Register to receive each week's video link by e-mail through Dr. Younberg's web site.  When the link comes, you can either watch live (and submit any questions you have to be answered at the end of the lecture, time permitting) or watch when you have time during the following week.

This week's lecture, called Optimizing Digestion for Health and Healing, covered everything from the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables to several simple and natural ways to aid digestion when things aren't working quite right.  The question and answer section at the end briefly covered topics such as the use of apple cider vinegar, juicing, bloating, alkaline water, and the healing and reversal of neuropathy (nerve damage).

I would love to hear about it if you're able to watch some of the lectures, and what you think of them!


  1. Heidi - Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information. I have already watched the latest video and look forward to the next one.
    God bless~ Lisa :O)

    1. You are so welcome, Lisa! I'm glad you'll be able to watch them as well! I just couldn't keep the blessing to myself. :)

  2. Oh Heidi! I am watching it too! Will have to compare notes sometime!! I am learning so much from him...I can't write fast enough.

    1. I would be delighted to compare notes! I will admit to hitting the pause button a lot so I can finish writing things down. :)


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