23 February 2014

The First Tomato

We ate it today.  The first tomato.  It was delicious.  :)

And for a sort of garden joyful inventory, here are a few things we have going on out there in the soil, and in here in a few seed trays.
  • Five rosemary seeds sprouted yesterday.  I read on the seed packet that they could take six to eight weeks to germinate, and even then germination could be, well, rare.  So I felt incredibly blessed to have five come up in the seed trays after six days instead of six weeks.  (It has been between 70 and 80 degrees most of the week in the house.  Maybe that's their optimal temperature?)
  • My first two zinnias came up.
  • We have a young dill patch making a good start over by the fence.
  • We've harvested cilantro three or four times, and parsley twice.
  • The potentially thirty-pound watermelons got planted today, right next to the other melons, cucumbers, and squashes.
  • A little lettuce patch is making a go of it, even though it's beginning to get quite warm.  But when they send you free lettuce seeds, you have to try to grow a few, even if the cool season is past.
  • Several kinds of amaranth seeds are sprouting in the front yard.
  • The volunteer sunflower has begun blooming.
  • There are three more volunteer bean plants coming up.
  • All three okra seeds came up.  We'd love to have space for more...but they say this variety will get quite tall, so that's all we're planting for now.
There's always something happening in the garden.  I hope you have as many fresh, life-filled things happening throughout your week as we have springing up in our garden right now.


  1. Awww... I'm sure that was a tasty tomato! I loved reading your list, but I hope you can post more photos! I'm so thrilled for you and your garden. I wish I could have the discipline required to grow my own (I can only do it with seedlings that I buy already grown, the only thing I've ever grown from seed is morning glories... because I love them so much. But I haven't grown them for the past seven years. So sad! :( I need a place where they can climb. Sigh. Gotta work on that for this summer.

  2. What a lovely tomato. Do you know what variety it is? I've never had a homegrown tomato in February before.

  3. Wow- That is so awesome that you have tomatoes already and so many other things growing! What a blessing! Lisa :O)


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