19 February 2014

Reviving a Soul

You've heard people joke about having nothing to do, except they say they're busy watching the paint dry or the grass grow, right?

I've actually always wished I could see the moment a seed poked up out of the dirt, or the moment a baby tomato gets big enough to shed the dying blossom and really head toward ripe adulthood.  Things seem to happen so quickly in the garden, from a week to week perspective, yet so slowly, from an hour to hour perspective.  We know these things happen, but when, exactly, do they happen?

Well, today I saw one of the most incredible things I've ever seen.  I was just standing in my living room, expecting a normal, low-key day.

But like my mom would say, you just never know what a day will hold.

I stood there, glancing down on the tray of eight marigold plants of three varieties, most of them showing true leaves already, every day getting closer to being big enough to go out into the real world.  

We both forgot to water them before bed last night, and by morning they were all drooping over, as if they might not live long enough to get planted outside after all.  My husband did everything he could to rescue them first thing when he discovered their plight this morning, and all but two had revived.

So, as I said, I stood there, looking down at those last two.

And maybe you'll think this is crazy?  But I SAW one perk up.  I witnessed the moment it sprang up from being wilted to standing tall again, life coursing through its veins.  It took less than half a second, but my eyes were open for that half second, and I watched it bounce (yes, bounce) back to vibrant life.

There must have been lots of things happening in the background before that moment--water going up through the roots into the stem--but from that moment, the whole plant was a new being.

Which, like a lot of things in the garden do, reminded me of people.

Sometimes we get dehydrated, too.  Spiritually, emotionally, physically...and from the outside, it can look like we're not going to make it after all.  Or maybe it can feel like that from the inside.

There's a Master Gardener out there, though, who brings living water freely to all who are thirsty.

Even the unlikeliest ones, who you'd never think would revive.  Somewhere down in the roots, a few cells get refreshing molecules of water, and pass them up through the stem, until the next time you look at that person, they're a new creature.

Who can really define the moment?  Not me.  I just know to keep cultivating and watering, not forgetting to drink in that water for myself too, in the strength of Jesus, leaving Him to do the miracle of reviving a soul.


  1. Love it! I've never seen that happen. You saw the word "quicken" lived out in a plant. I'd love to see the moment that God quickens a person. I'm glad your little plants are revived.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Heidi! What an amazing thing to have seen; I remember watching time-lapse sequences for high-school biology and being so surprised by how much plants move when we aren't looking. Have you seen the time-lapse videos created by Neil Bromhall and posted on YouTube? They are amazing. You can watch bluebells blossom, ferns uncurl, oak trees germinate and spread their first leaves. Try this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-ncQwaGybs&list=UUJc1rDjCQN_EKjQ-jtOwiaQ .


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