12 January 2014


Yesterday some friends took us to a wonderful nature reserve.  While wandering the trails, they pointed to a brushy area under some trees, and said, "See if you can find the birds."

Sure enough, after some searching, we found them.  I'm continually amazed at how God made all the animals to be both functional and beautiful, and how each one is designed to fill a special place in the world.

These birds, called Pauraques, apparently sleep during the day, and get up at night.  We're told they usually sleep in much the same spot, so once you find one, you're likely to see it again.

Can you find the one in this photo?


  1. That is really cool - It took me a little bit but I think I found it. :o)

    1. Good for you! He's really hiding, isn't he? :)

  2. I found it! I found it ;)
    And I am sorta back in blogville

  3. Very Interesting and hard to find bird.


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