02 October 2008

Counting Them

460. Full morning moon
461. Just enough strength
463. Eyes that wash themselves (after contact with garlic-stained hands)
464. Over-protective smoke detector
466. Clean house for Sabbath, accomplished during two hours of phone chatter with a close (but far) friend.
468. Phone call to Dad
470. Slow Sunday, time to practice piano
471. Girls' weekend trip
474. Work to do
475. Massage therapy
477. Walk to and from the bank in sunshine
478. Sliver moon
482. Plenty of cucumbers to give away
483. Friend's baby on the way
488. Outdoors
489. Friends who know me well
490. Learning to draw
498. Basket of tomatoes
503. Pink morning sky
504. Vigorous morning walk, with less pain in the foot, hip, and knee
509. An abundance of lotion
510. Prayer meeting
511. New friendships

Here I am, more than half way to a thousand. Something tells me I won't stop there...

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