06 May 2008

Irrevocable Realities

This weekend, I had the privilage of joining my fellow high school alumni for a Choraliers reunion. Having attended a private Christian high school, most of the music we sang was sacred. As we gathered together again, we sang several pieces for a worship service.

It amazed me how easily the pieces I had sung years ago in high school still make up part of the fibers of my brain. It didn't take much practice time to be singing them again from memory, difficult and intricate though they are, with every breath mark and each articulation demanded by my conductor as automatic and natural as could be. The things I sang in choir are to me irrevocable realities, never to be exchanged.

How fortunate I am that many of my high school weekends were spent singing praise to God all over my home state, that somehow I heard and followed His leading and selected such positive potentialities to become my actualities.


  1. Great post!
    How fortunate to go to a reunion with friends from a christian high school! Sounds like alot of fun!
    I just found you blog today and I'm really enjoying it :)


  2. Thank you so much for sharing so kindly on my blog. I like the idea of providing a water bottle for overnight guests . . .

    I notice that you are part of the "gratitude community" as well - so glad to be on the journey with you!


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