23 March 2015

March Loveliness

Is there anything so beautiful as dill plants in full flower?

On cloudy days, the blossoms catch my eye, their bright yellow acting as a substitute sunshine for the back yard, and I bask in their rays.  How pollen can seem to glow like that I still haven't figured out.

On sunny days, they make the perfect compliment for their blue-sky backdrop, stretching up above my head as if they want to reach as high as the sky.

I remind myself the unstoppable Texas heat is on its way, but right now, while the days are warm and the nights are cool and the humid air feels welcome and fresh, the garden and I bask in March loveliness.

The cayenne plant, I feel sure, grew several inches last week.  The bee balm put out more branches and looks like a respectable patch, when just a few days ago you could hardly tell if it would ever do anything ever.  The parsley row needs to be made into a hundred salads to keep it from going to seed soon.

And the dill?

It's hosting at least one little friend caterpillar who will turn into a black swallowtail butterfly, and the whole patch is making seeds enough for us and all our friends.  

Gardens are, after all, prolific.


  1. Ah, I love looking at these photos -- and the blue sky! We've still got snow on the ground here.

  2. OH, my friend Jo(e) is reading you!! That's so cool and so cute!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Anyway... to answer your question... hmmm.... maybe Queen Anne's Lace in full bloom? ;-) Gotta go to bed, will comment more later! Are these photos and the previous one of the lotus flower which was AMAZINGNESS!! taken with which camera? It can't be your cell phone, can it? If yes, what do you use to edit them? Your photos are just beyond amazing!


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