08 September 2011

We had hardly been home for three days before we (translate I) made a long list entitled "things to accomplish before school starts". We had three weeks.

One item on it was to finish all my Alaska fishing posts. We are nearing the end of our third week back in school, and as you can see, my fishing posts aren't anywhere near complete! I do promise them someday, but I'm not going to guarantee when. As I told my mother the other day when she said it would be fun if I were on Facebook, "I hardly have time to clip my toenails, let alone join Facebook!"

Yes, I'm immersed in music and studies at present, and spent some time with the Bach French and English keyboard suites, as you might be able to tell from a miss-spelling on a little menu item on my list last week: "Yam/Suite Potato Fries". Or should that have been sweet potatoes instead?

But we did pick blueberries (as you can see from the photo) before school started, and managed a few other homey chores in the mix. And we're enjoying the beginnings of fall in Michigan--which reminds me that we need to call our lovely, faith-filled blueberry lady to see if her grape harvest is nearly ripe. Maybe she'll let us pick from the "thank-offering row", which is a different row every year and yet yields more than any of the other rows.

Though busy, the days are filled with delights:

  • The best husband ever

  • Excellent teachers

  • Friends new and old

  • A new niece

  • Tasty food

  • Amish country and farms

  • Piano lessons full of new insights into the physicality as well as musicality of being a pianist

  • A second year of Analytical Techniques, just for fun

  • New insights in the Bible after I asked God to help me understand

  • Cheerful, sturdy clothing

  • Our crockpot

  • Prayer time alone and with my husband

  • Feeling healthy and energetic

  • Getting more exercise

  • Starting the second year of the master's program instead of the first, and having many familiar things in life where last year at this time almost everything was unfamiliar

May God grant each of you, dear readers, the sweetest of His blessings this week.


  1. Oh, Heidi, I love the sunflowers! They are just beautiful!

  2. And sunflowers on your table! What a precious list of blessings! So glad we can still be a part of each other's life. You are one of my blessings.

  3. Yes, I too, agree. What beautiful sunflowers! We have so much to be thankful for, don't we!


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