15 March 2010

Just a Quick Note

Life has been very busy lately, and although I've had several things I've wanted to post about, it hasn't been happening.

As of February 19, I'm an engaged woman! The wedding is coming up quickly, and my extra time has been devoted to planning and arranging. So fun!

But there's always time to refelct on God's glory. Last night for my evening worship, I was reading in Matthew 17. When I came to verses 6 and 7, the disciples with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration fell on their feet to worship Christ in His glory. He came to them, placed His hand on them, and said, "Don't be afraid."

John, one of these disciples, was privileged to see Christ again in His glory, much later on in his life when he was imprisoned on the isle of Patmos. Even though he had seen this before, he still fell on his face as if he were dead for the awe of the experience.

Can you imagine such glory?

Again, Christ put His right hand upon him, and said, "Fear not."

How thankful I am that He has glory beyond what I can fathom, as well as gentleness in leading His sheep.

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